Welcome to Danielle Marie Design!

I am a New Jersey based graphic designer who has been working in the field starting at a young age. It has given me expansive experience designing as well as working with clients and co-workers.

While working two design jobs throughout college, I have been comfortable in the field from the beginning. Landing a job at a Wine and Alcohol Distributor and later in the Food & Wine Industry, I was given a look inside the world of restaurants, hotels, casinos, night clubs and bars as well as the branding and identity of products. Clients rave about my professionalism and ease throughout the design and marketing process.
I am now working at a large retailer where I am not only the Lead Graphic Designer but also the Marketing Coordinator. I believe I've landed in the perfect position that allows me to express myself through design while also working on larger strategies that allow a company to thrive.

This collection of work shows my ability to infuse my style into a range of pieces during my diverse places of employment.

Please enjoy and allow me to give you glimpse into my world!
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